The Hummzinger Alpacas Australian Import

As of April 28th our Quarantine is over! Congratulations to everyone who participated in this monumental event!

During our quarantine period we had three crias born … all girls! all spectacular!

We’ve had an exciting year here at Hummzinger Alpacas! In addition to the regular excitement that come along with another year of babies, we have also arranged for the first alpaca import from Australia in over 10 years! The alpacas have left their Australian Quarantine facility.

The Australian shipment arrived at Hummzinger Alpacas at 3 a.m. January 30th, 2009. They will remain here in quarantine for three months. The alpacas arrived in -20°C Manitoba winter weather … when they left Australia it had been the height of summer with temperatures around +45°C! Since they had been recently shorn, we were glad to be able to provide them with a heated barn so that they were able to acclimatize a little easier … without too much of a culture shock!

Our import consists of males and females chosen from top breeders & judges in Australia. All of the farms our animals came from are members of the SRS program.

We were truly inspired by what we saw on our recent trip to Australia, and we are eager to embrace the Australian breeder’s tools and techniques for developing a world quality fleece, and apply them at home. Hummzinger Alpacas hopes to continue importing elite alpacas into Canada to further improve and diversify the national herd.

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